Friday, 20 September 2013

New Food, New Textures

It's no secret Emilia likes to eat. When the girl is hungry, she has got to eat straight away or you'll hear her! She has been like this since day one so I am quite prepared and always try to get organised on time but it can happen that food is not ready as soon as she would like, sometimes, and we all panic! 

Now that she is one I am more relaxed about introducing new food into her daily diet and have been experimenting with some interesting tastes and textures. I have found out that Emilia absolutely loves fruit (like her daddy), any kind but grapes in particular.


Another thing she will never say no to is bread, all shapes, all kinds. Recently I have also introduced cheesy crackers and she likes them too. When I give her bread I always try to put a couple of other things in her plate to encourage her to eat different things and have a varied meal, like ham, cheese and veggies. Ham and cheese are among her favourite things, as for the vegetables, well, that's a different story. 


She enjoys mashed vegetables but she is not too keen on chopped ones. I suppose the real reason behind it is that when I mash her vegetables I always add some olive oil, meat or fish, Parmesan and rice. That's yummy, right? On the other hand, chopped veggies with nothing else can be a bit dull, I suppose. Tonight, for example, I put three things in her plate: broccoli, cauliflowers and cheesy crackers. She went straight to the crackers and all the green bits (and some of the white ones too!) accidentally (!!) fell on the floor. 


A successful new entry this week has been apple cake. In an effort to introduce new food to Emilia, a couple of days ago I baked an apple cake; I also added some vanilla yogurt to make it softer. My little girl loved it so much that I have already baked the second one! Yay! 

Mummies out there, if you know any good and healthy recipe that your little lovely ones go crazy for, I am all ears! xx

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