Sunday, 15 September 2013

Dariana's First Birthday Party

Earlier today Emilia and I went to a birthday party. Our local friend, Dariana, turned one and we were invited to a costume party. As I didn't have time to shop around to get something for Emilia, I looked into her wardrobe to see if I could fix something at the last minute and thankfully I found the lovely fairy wings that Matilde gave to Emilia for her first birthday party. Perfect! Originally I wanted to put on a dress, she has a lovely grey and pink dress that goes just wonderfully with the wings, however, it's rather chilly in London these days and it was raining when we were heading out, so I had to dress her with trousers and boots instead! 

On the other hand, the birthday girl was wearing a super cute Flamenco dress that her parents bought for her on a recent trip to Spain. How adorable is she? 


Like Emilia, Dariana is a bit of a mix too: her mum, Katrin, is Russian, while her daddy is from New Zealand. Katrin cooked all sorts of Russian nibbles, there was even caviar on the table! She is also a professional piano player and entertained us all with wonderful classical music and of course played the Happy Birthday song for her sweet little darling. 

At first it was just Emilia and Dariana but then another Russian friend, Sophia, joined to play together. It was a very cosy and sweet party and it's nice to see Emilia hanging out with little girls of her age. Our baby is growing up and has her own friends now!


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