Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Meet my friend Sophia!

My good friend Anya and her four-year-old daughter Sophia came all the way from Denmark to spend three wonderful days with us. Anya and I lived together in London about eight years ago, the year Rob was in the States, and a beautiful friendship developed between us. Thankfully, despite being far apart now, we have managed to stay in touch all these years. We have visited each other before but this visit was particularly special since we spent quality time together with our little girls. Emilia absolutely loved having them around and made friend with Sophia immediately. She likes having kids around who can play with her and give her all the attention she so desperately needs. On the other hand, it was great for me and Anya to be together and have a proper catch up. When the girls were in bed it was all about drinking tea, chatting, flipping through magazines and gossiping like the old days. I loved having them around. We need to plan a trip to Denmark soon! 


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