Saturday, 5 October 2013

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Hi everyone. I know it's been a while since I last posted news of us. These days I am finding it harder and harder to find some time and energy to sit down and blog and I apologise since I know that some of you check this blog every day. So, here is a little update on us, mostly Emilia.

1. Emilia is crawling
We didn't think it would ever happen and even the pediatrician told us that she would most probably skip that phase. But here she is, 13 months old and crawling. It's apparently very common for babies to skip the crawling phase and go straight to walking. This is what happened to me, for example. My parents told me that I never crawled and that I started walking a few days after I turned one. Emilia is a bit slower than her mummy but she is definitely on the move. Now that she is crawling, things are a bit more hectic in the house and we need to clean the floors more often! Crawling puts her in an easier position to pull herself up and stand on her own while holding on anything close by (e.g. bed, coffee table, bedside table, mummy's legs, you name it). As she is capable of sitting up and pulling herself up, we had to lower the crib to the lowest level. She is literally almost touching the floor now!

2. Emilia can talk
She loves repeating whatever she hears, whether they are sounds or words. Her vocabulary is improving day by day and so far it seems to be 50% Italian and 50% English, with a touch of French. It's interesting to see the choices she makes in selecting which language to adopt for a particular context (e.g. acqua vs water). Italian is the language of food and family, English covers the rest. It makes sense. Her favourite words are: mamma, nonna, acqua, bye bye, wow, et voila', and Google. Random selection, I know.

3. Emilia has a fringe
Many people have commented on the length of Emilia's hair and in all fairness the poor girl could no longer see properly. So a few days ago I braved it and cut her fringe. Considering that she moved every second while I was cutting her hair and that I am not a hairstylist, I didn't do too bad, I think.

4. Emilia started *Sing and Sign* classes
On Saturday morning we take Emilia to her Sing and Sign classes. She has attended two so far. Highly recommended by a local friend and her baby, I decided to give it a try and I have to say we all love it. Rob was out of town for the first lesson so I ventured to the ARC nursery by myself. When I got there it was mostly dads with their children. I felt a bit out of place and quickly realised that the class was mostly for those dads who don't get to spend a lot of time with their kids during the week because of their work engagements and use this Saturday morning class to spend some time with their lovely ones. How cute. Anyway, apart from the initial embarrassment of being the only woman apart from the teacher, the one hour class went by very quickly and Emilia and I had lots of fun singing, signing, and dancing. As I was too busy having fun, I couldn't take any picture of Emilia. I thought I would have the chance to take pictures the following week knowing that Rob would be with me. But yet again, Rob and I were too busy singing and doing all the things that you would do at a music class to entertain your daughter. So, the only pic I have for you is this one of a corner of the nursery with its cute giant cloud and colourful rain drops. Maybe I'll be able to take some shots next time.

Otherwise, apart from these updates, the days are going by fast with the usual routine. Rob and I work, Emilia enjoys her time with her new babysitter and we all try to spend some quality time together as a family in the evenings and at weekends.  Today we all went to the post office together to pick up a package from the Walters (thank you guys!) and while waiting in the queue, I snapped this pic of Emilia. Isn't it cute? She looks like a package ready to be shipped :) Who wants her??! And then, once home, it was the usual dancing, singing, and checking the latest videos on youtube for some inspirational moves :)

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Love from us all. 


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