Monday, 2 September 2013

Happy First Birthday Sweet Emilia!

Our little baby is officially no longer a baby! Today she turned one year old, can you believe it!? If you read this blog, you have heard me before saying how fast time has gone by in the last year and now, here we are, ceebrating her first birthday. Every birthday is special, at least, this is how I feel about birthdays. Some people don't see what the fuss is all about but I simply love celebrating birthdays. I have celebrated every single one and have the best memories of every birthday: there was the ethnic birthday, the red, the vintage, the college ones...every year I came up with something new. My old friends know what I am talking about and I am sure back then they hated me for forcing them to dress up according to the theme. 

So, of course, I had to celebrate Emilia's first birthday, perhaps, the most special birthday of all. For this occasion, I chose the enchanted forest theme. As we decided to celebrate with a party at my parents' garden, this theme was the obvious choice. Their garden is so lovely, just perfect to host parties, I think. 

It all started with the invite, isn't it sweet? I think it's my best  creation yet :)

And then I started browsing the Internet for some inspiration and asked my multi-talented mum to make crocheted crowns and magic wands for the little girls. Needles to say, they were a big hit!


Since her birthday fell on a Monday, we celebrated yesterday. What a nice Sunday afternoon that was! The whole family helped out decorating the garden, we had so much fun. We started in the morning and barely made it in time for the 4.00pm start. It's crazy how much we all worked to make sure that the party was absolutely beautiful. We all love Emilia so much that wanted to make sure she had the perfect first birthday party. I think the decor turned out just wonderful, the garden was really transformed into an enchanted forest!

For the kids we created a little play-and-dress-up area. They sat down to colour in specially made papers and had fun wearing the animal masks and the crowns! They were so sweet playing all together. 


And while the kids played, the adults ate! The buffet was huge, I think we may have exaggerated this time! 


Well, some of the adults played dressing-up too!


Overall we had such a lovely day. Most of all, Emilia really enjoyed being at the centre of the attention. 


Thank you all so much for making her day even more special! 
We love you - Vale, Rob and Emilia.

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  1. Vale che meraviglia!!!!!! Sei fantastica !!!!

    Augurissimi alla principessina Emilia!