Sunday, 25 August 2013

First time at the beach!

Sorry for the long silence, folks, but we are in Pescara! We arrived one week ago and are truly enjoying the relaxation that only a beach town can offer, which also means, no computer in usel! In all honesty, Rob and I left everything and everyone for a few days and enjoyed a lovely holiday in Tuscany, just the two of us (pictures to come!). But we are now back. 

While we were away, my parents took Emilia to the beach and from the pictures below, you can see how much fun she has had. She is a natural at the beach; she loves the sand and the sea, and has been making friends with all th babies and kids around her. She is a true Italian! 

checking out the pool for my first swimming lessons

living the life!
need to call mummy and daddy to see how things are going in Tuscany
wow! these waves are something!

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