Tuesday, 13 August 2013

One week with Rachel

As I mentioned before, Rob' sister, Rachel, was here in London last week and we all spent one nice week together. Emilia absolutely loved all the extra attention and it was nice to have someone to share our daily life with. 

It was the first time Rachel came to London, so there was quite a bit of sightseeing to do. And Rachel was on a mission and was able to see most of the main London attraction. Every day she would have a plan and explored the city. And thankfully, she seemed to enjoy London very much (well, who doesn't?).

As we live in a very central location, it wasn't too difficult for her to get around. Of course, our own area have some impressive bits to see. One night, Rachel and I took a short walk to the Tower Bridge which is ever so beautiful at night and enjoyed the views of the city under a hundred lights! 

We were also able to enjoy some nice walks together as well as a proper Afternoon Tea at the Milestone Hotel. This was a much grander affair than the usual afternoon teas I have with my girlfriends but it was definitely nice and Rachel seemed to like it very much.


But of course, one of the main reasons why Rachel was in town is Emilia! So, the two of them got to spend some quality time together, mostly playing on the floor or in bed with Rachel's ipad. Also, Rachel got Emilia some new toys while wandering around the city. My absolute favourite ones are the wooden bus, cab, and police car. Aren't they super duper cute?


And when we were not in the house, a stroll to the park and the playground was a must do! Emilia really enjoys the swing, just like her mummy! 


On her last day in town, we also attempted a brunch out with Emilia. I used to love to go out for a nice brunch on Sunday morning but I don't mind saying that now that Emilia is in the picture, even a simple trip to the local cafe' can be a bit of an adventure. Let me just say that my scrambled eggs were all over my shirt and trousers! But this is part of the game, isn't it?

Thanks so much aunt Rachel for coming to visit us. It was lovely to have you with us and we hope to see you again soon!

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  1. Quante cose belle avete fatto...bravi!
    La foto dei piedi a pagnottelle vicino alle fette di pane e' la fine del mondo!
    P.S. Le macchinine di legno che ha preso zia Rachel sono troppo belle!