Monday, 8 July 2013

Colourful Pegs and Ponkey

Emilia absolutely adores playing with the clothes pegs, she can be sitting on her highchair for a while as long as she has the pegs basket in front of her. Originally, we only had wooden and boring white pegs, then my parents bought colourful ones in the shape of birds and butterflies. Needless to say, Emilia adores them and now she has got even more stuff to throw from her little throne.

Another welcomed companion who is always attached to the chair is Ponkey, the Pink Monkey. He is so cute, always looking up to Emilia, trying to climb up to her, that I have renamed them *Emilia and Ponkey*, the new Romeo and Juliet :) And you should see all the kisses that Emilia gives him...they make Rob jealous!


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