Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Development Review

This morning Emilia had her development review. The doctor checked all sorts of things and everything seems to be going very well. Emilia now weighs a whopping 8.83kg (almost 9kg!) and is 73cm long. Staying consistent with her growth, she is 75 percentile. They checked her ability to grab things and pass them from one hand to the other, her eyes, her posture, and several other small things. At first, Emilia was a bit upset, in all fairness, the doctor had interrupted her morning nap, but then she was very curious of what was going on around her and looked around and interacted with the doctor. As a prize for being a good girl, she received a nice fabric folder full of baby books! What a nice touch that was. We will explore some of them tonight.

Also, the doctor gave us a couple of leaflets to read, one of which was about introducing drinking cups to Emilia. I actually did buy one a little while ago but never really gave it to baby. However, when we got home, I gave Emilia some water to drink and she showed us how good she is at grabbing the milk bottle by herself, even without handles...and, let me add, even with just one hand! Cute. 

Our little baby is growing fast!

P.S. The doctor complimented Emilia's eyes, so we asked her if she could tell us what colour she thinks they are, as we are struggling to identify it. And she said the same thing: a mixture of grey, green, and blue. Now, what will the poor child write on her ID cards???!

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