Saturday, 25 May 2013

A typical Saturday

I love weekends. After a full week of work and errands, it is so nice to relax and enjoy some family time. It's great to have Rob around and we both love having fun with baby Emilia. And now that the weather is starting to be a bit nicer, there will be more outdoor activities to enjoy all together! Can't wait.

So, for today, Rob and I had planned to go to Borough Market, one of our favourite spots in the local area. We wanted to get some fresh fruit and meat, as well as fresh lavender to put all around the flat; lavender smells so nice and keeps moths away! We also bought some pink roses for the main room; the flat looks so nice now, what a big difference flowers can make. 
It was a lovely day so, as expected, the market was packed and there were loads of prams around. We enjoyed wandering around the stalls, smelling all the different foods, and admiring all the colours of fresh vegetables, fruit, and flowers. I simply love that market, it's so energetic and vibrant.

Otherwise, once back home, it was a pretty casual day and we hung out at home the rest of the afternoon trying to entertain Emilia with different activities.

First of all, there was some stretching going on. Socks don't stay on for long, and somehow feet are very delicious!

After stretching, there was the usual jumping. 

Then, it was time to rest the body and challenge the brain. Remember the books that my mum bought last time she was here? Well, today we started having a look at one of them: Learning to tie. Of course it is way too early for Emilia to be able to tie a shoe lace but she seemed curious and she certainly tried in her own way, even by using her mouth! It was fun.


And then it was time to play with the cubes. By far, Emilia's favourite pastime of the moment is to throw everything from the top of her highchair. She makes a mess but it is so much fun to watch her while she grabs a cube (or whatever else she has around), examines it, closes her eyes and then throws it away. She loves hearing the noise that the object makes when touching the floor. 

Spending an entire day with a baby can be exhausted but it is so rewarding. Emilia needs to be entertained, she wants to be challenged, she wants to discover and do something new all the time, and this can be a bit tiring at times. However, it is refreshing and reinvigorating to see the world with her eyes, with her curiosity and with her amusement. Seeing her grow day by day is simply fascinating, and we are only at the very beginning of this journey!

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