Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Christening Day

Oh, what a day this was!

The day started early at the Asciutti's house. Emilia woke up around 7.00am and had everyone on her toes. In the end, it was her special day, so we all felt to spoil her. Getting all ready and getting Emilia ready on time was a bit of a struggle. No matter how many people are around you to help you, time always shrinks when you have a baby. Not to mention the impossibility to plan anything. I tried to plan her feeds and naps but I know I am not the boss. Emilia decides when she wants to eat and nap. So, of course, she ended up drinking her milk right in the middle of the baptism. Out of five babies, she was the only one having her lunch! But if you know Emilia, you know she has no patience when it comes to food. She is hungry, she has got to eat. Straight away! 

When we arrived to the church she was surprisingly very calm. She was looking around, playing with her godparents. However, I should have known that she was not going to be like that for the whole time there. In fact, soon after the mass started, Emilia's show started too. 

Not one second went by without Emilia not making some sort of noise. I must confess, it was funny at times. Five babies were being baptised and four out of five were super calm, either sleeping or peacefully absorbing what was going on around them. Emilia, on the other hand, made sure that everyone could hear her voice. Da-da ta-da da-ta were being heard in every corner of the church. And if she wasn't *talking*, then she was complaining about something. In short, she didn't want to be sitting down; as usual, she wanted to be entertained. Our bench was the messiest one: we had Emilia's shoes (she kept taking them off!), different kinds of toys, two milk bottles, binkies, and a pouch of apple, just in case.

When the priest came for the first round of oil to be put on Emilia's neck, she was drinking her milk. Even the neighbouring baby's godfather found it funny (see his face?).

 And when we went to the altar to receive the holy water, she brought her toy with her. I tried to take it from her hand but clearly I didn't succeed!


The only moment of calm was when the priest took Emilia and lifted her to the sky to show her to the audience. Boy did she love all the attention and the clapping! An actress in the making? :)


All in all, it was a lovely morning and certainly a touching experience. This was Emilia's first big thing! But I must say, I was relieved when it was all over and it was time for the godparents to sign the big book. Baptism part 1: over. Now, it was time to move to the restaurant for a nice lunch with family and friends. 

The restaurant we chose, Osteria La Corte, is a lovely old villa/barn that has recently been restored. It still has some of the original features, among which the old bricks and the wood on the ceiling. I was really happy with the choice. The place is so beautiful in itself that I didn't really feel to do too much with the decor. I only bought some pink and white flowers and had them arranged in small baskets to which we then attached pink balloons. The theme of the party was the circus, hence the circus tents as favour boxes and the design on the invite, the menu, and the place-cards. Everyone seemed to like everything, and of course I was happy!


I was also happy because I got to open lots of gifts! In fact, many of the gifts that Emilia received are good for mummy now! Pearls, necklaces, earrings, you name it! 


We ate very well and the food was delicious. Everyone raved about the cake and how good and fresh the custard and whip cream were!

Overall, we had a beautiful day and even if Emilia was cranky at times, for a seven-month-old baby who had just flown in from London, she actually behaved herself!



  1. What a beautiful day for Emilia!!

  2. grazie Vale, è stato bello partecipare!!emilia è sempre più bella....sarà perchè ti somiglia?!? :)
    un bacione e a presto!