Friday, 22 March 2013

Solids Update

As you may remember, we started weaning Emilia a bit earlier than usual. In the UK the Government recommends starting weaning when the baby is six months old, however, every baby is different. Emilia was certainly ready for the spoon before she even turned five months old, she just loves sitting in her high chair and being served. Of course, we tried to take one little step at a time and introduced one new food every weak. Two months later, I can say that milk is probably still her favourite meal, and it's good because milk gives her all the nutrients she needs. Apparently, she should have around 600ml of milk per day at this stage but baby Emilia won't be satisfied unless it is at least 700 (make it closer to 900!). She usually has two/three milk feeds and then three meals like big babies: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Her normal schedule is the following:

-wakes up for a milk feed around 6.00am (we would like to push this a bit later but for now we can't complain since she falls back asleep straight away and sleeps for another two hours, usually)
-breakfast around 9.30am. Usually some sort of porridge. She loves the oats, cereals and apple by Heinz and is not very happy with some of the new options I have been suggesting lately. She absolutely hates Organix cereals and banana, for example. 
-fruit snack around 11.15am (around 10-12 spoons of pureed fruit)
-lunch around 1.00pm (this is something I make: a mixture of vegetables, baby rice, olive oil and Parmesan cheese)
-milk feed around 4.00pm
-dinner around 6.30pm (some sort of vegetable mash)
-milk feed around 7.30pm
-in bed by 8.15pm

She is a pretty easy baby when it comes down to food. She likes most of the things I have been given her. Of course, there are some faves and some things that she'd rather not have. These are the foods she has tried so far:

Fruit: Apple, Pear, Bananas, Mango, and Blueberries

Vegetables: Carrots, Courgettes, Celery, Potatoes, Cauliflower, Peas, Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli, Sweetcorn, and Pumpkin

Cheese: Parmesan

Extras: Olive Oil

Tomorrow morning we will be trying something new for breakfast: bananas mixed with organic whole milk yoghurt and organic brown rice. Hopefully, she will like it. Also, I am planning to introduce meat soon, starting with lamb, and would like to add pastina to her veggies for lunch. And finally, we will be starting drinking some water and fruit juices. Our baby is growing fast. Too fast!

Emilia enjoying some blueberries mashed and mixed with bananas and baby rice

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