Saturday, 23 March 2013


I must admit, I am not a big fan of modern baby toys. To my eyes, there is too much plastic, flashyness and cheesyness. I prefer old style wooden and fabric toys. However, I understand that babies are attracted by all the colours, sounds, and creatures that come with modern toys, and Emilia is no different. Our flat is literally inundated with Emilia's toys, of all kinds. 

Among the more conservative ones, some of my favourites are the wooden toy that Emilia recently received from Lyla and Eden while we were in Baltimore and the multi-fabric cube that Ilaria and Cristian gave her when they came to London a few months ago. 


As far as plastic toys go, nothing is *worse* than the Jumperoo, a "sculpture" made of plastic. However, Emilia loves it. Following the success of the Baby Einstein in the States, Rob decided to buy something similar to have with us at home. We built it yesterday and so far the effects have been great. It stimulates Emilia like nothing else, and tires her out so much that last night she slept for more than twelve hours straight and this afternoon she napped for an hour and a half (her naps usually last no more than thirty minutes).  Viva le Jumperoo!

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  1. Dopo aver provato la 'giostra' che gli ha regalato papa' il cubo degli zii, per cui prima nutriva interesse, sara' stato gia' dimenticato!
    Comunque e' troppo divertente, se riesco ad entrarci, lo provero' anch'io quando verremo a trovarvi!!!