Thursday, 21 March 2013

Da-da is the word!

When we were in Baltimore, right in the middle of the celebration for Emilia's sixth month birthday, out of the blue, Emilia said *da-da*. No one paid much attention to it but I couldn't help to notice Rob's face, it literally brightened up. I know what he was thinking: "Did I just hear what I think I heard?", "Did she say da-da?", "Is her first word da-da (=daddy!)"? Sadly, that was the first, and last time Emilia spoke, or made any kind of sound faintly close to what can be considered a word. 

Until a couple of days ago. She now screams on a regular basis and does say da-da, or ta-ta, all the time. Although we don't think she associates the word with Rob yet, we still think it's super cute. 
I tried to catch this on camera but she was being a bit shy. Just trust me.

So, da-da is the word...well, kinda! 

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