Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

For Emilia's first Easter we had several plans but in the end we celebrated at home, just the three of us. Originally, we wanted to fly to Pescara and have Emilia baptised on Easter Sunday itself; however, we had some difficulties with the organisation of the trip, finding the church, as well as a restaurant that didn't impose a set menu. So, we decided to postpone the trip and the baptism to the following weekend. Then, we were kindly invited to a Sunday roast at our friends Natalie and Dave's and to watch the Oxford vs Cambridge boat race in Barnes. We were very excited to go but when we woke up this morning, despite a lovely sun in the blue sky, the weather was a bit iffy and the temperatures quite low. We didn't feel to go to the other side of town and risk to get Emilia sick just a few days before our big trip to Italy. Also, we thought it would be wiser to stay home and start packing. In situations like these, I wish we had a car, it would make things much easier!

So, after a nice breakfast, we all dressed up, took some pictures and went out for a quick stroll to the local park and a visit to the church for the Easter blessing. The church was packed and full of babies and kids. It was very nice. 


Once back home, we treated Emilia to a yummy lunch and then put her to bed so that we could enjoy our Easter lunch. I dressed the table with pastel colours and Easter goodie bags and worked on the menu. For appetisers I made pastel-coloured deviled eggs, corn bread, and friend mozzarella sticks; the main course was a delicious lasagna that my mum made when she came to visit back in February and that we froze and kept for special occasions. And then, lots of chocolate! 

getting the colours ready for egg-dipping!

All in all it was a good family day. I hope you all had a fantastic and joyful Easter!

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  1. Che belle le uova colorate...hai organizzato proprio un bel Easter lunch!
    Volevo fare i complimenti anche alla piega del polso di Emilia, avendo il vestito a maniche corte ha provveduto lei con una pieghetta, full of love, a farsi un polsino!!!
    P.S. L'uovo di Emilia che fine ha fatto...l'ha mangiato?