Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hanging Out With Friends

I have mentioned our friends and neighbours Katharina and Elias before in this blog. Today, Katharina, her husband and Elias invited us to their place for a coffee. I had never met her husband before and Rob hadn't met any of them, so it was very nice to spend some time altogether. Katharina made a lovely chocolate and pear cake and we all enjoyed a nice cup of coffee that warmed us up. Sadly, it is still rather chilly in London, there is no real sign of Spring yet! So a warm cup of coffee is exactly what we all needed!

I really enjoy hanging out with Katharina and love seeing the two babies interacting. Elias was born only one week after Emilia, so both mamas and babies have a lot in common. We chatted a lot and played for a while on the floor. It was a lovely way to celebrate Easter Saturday.

When we got back home I felt full of energy and tried to make cornbread (again!). This was my fourth attempt - for some reasons, in the past I haven't been very successful at this recipe. In the last couple of months I tried three times to make it but it never came out good. In all fairness, I couldn't find the key ingredient (e.g. cornmeal) and had been trying to substitute it with corn flour and polenta flour. Not the same, I learned. But I was able to find semolina flour yesterday at Waitrose and gave it a try. Well, I am happy to say that the cornbread I made tonight is very close to the original I tried at my friend Steph's house a little while ago. Fourth time lucky! 

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  1. Yay for cornbread! I still have Semolina for you too ;)