Friday, 29 March 2013

Family Day Out

It was a sunny day in London today, so we decided to go out, take a stroll, eat some lunch, and do some shopping all together, the three of us. We left the flat around 11.00am and headed to Canary Wharf. We usually try to avoid to take the tube with Emilia, especially on weekends and rush hours, however, I have to say, she quite likes it and is very relaxed. She looks around, in fact, she studies everything and everyone. She is so serious, and yet so funny.


By the time we got to Canary Wharf, which is only four stops from us, Emilia was asleep and slept for quite a while allowing us to have a nice lunch at Carluccio's. The restaurant was packed and there were many babies and kids. The place is, in fact, very kids-friendly, they even give you a children activity pack, which we loved. Emilia, of course, is too little to appreciate the games and the colouring puzzle but I am going to keep everything for her, and one day she will love it. 

Emilia slept throughout our lunch and then when she woke up she explored the new environment. She is such a curious baby. Although, all babies are, I suppose...everything is new and fascinating to them.
After lunch, we strolled around the Canary Wharf shopping centre a bit. Rob bought shorts at the GAP and then we did food shopping for the Easter weekend. We also made a stop at the Sweet Couture stall and bought two Easter cupcakes that we ate immediately with a lovely cup of tea as soon as we got home.

It was such a nice day and we ended it with a delicious, home-made, fish dinner: prawn dumplings, New Zealand squid and peas, and lobster tails. I love long, holiday, weekends!


  1. Complimenti Vale...un piatto da grande chef!

  2. E' bellissima Emilia in queste foto! Elena

  3. Grazie grazie amichette mie per i complimenti a me e Emilia!