Saturday, 23 February 2013

Limited Edition Bugaboos

About a year ago, this time of the year, Rob and I started looking into pram's options. As you may remember, we knew we wanted a Bugaboo Cameleon, we just had to decide the colour, and it wasn't easy. In the end we opted for a limited edition jade green. Sometimes I wonder whether we made the right choice or not and if we should have gone with something more neutral, say sand or cream. However, I must say, it is nice not to see many jade green Bugaboos around, especially in a city where 90% of the prams are Bugaboos. Last year there weren't many choices. This year, instead, the options are much nicer, I think. If we were expecting a baby now I would definitely go for the Sahara limited edition Cameleon.

I simply love the neutral and honeyed beige tones. And the details, such as the inside quilt and the leather handles are very stylish. Definitely a winner. 

Also, if money wasn't an issue, I would have loved to buy the Bee special edition in navy and neon yellow too. So cool, and so now with the neon accents.

Well, I'll never get the chance to get any of these puppies. So, this is for all the expecting parents out there...and if you are pregnant now, check out this dress from Madderson London, I wish they had it last year, it is simply gorgeous.

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