Friday, 22 February 2013

Asking too much?

I am very relaxed about Emilia's performance these days. I am not that kind of mother who checks what she should be doing and what she shouldn't be doing every week. I do admit, I receive monthly emails from babycentre and I do have a week by week booklet on my bedside table but I must say, I am rather bored with them. I was more into checking what was happening inside my belly during pregnancy as I was eager to know what was going on with my body, what to expect and how the baby was developing but with baby I have learned that you can't really generalise and shouldn't be focused on these *guidelines*. Every baby is different. I am sure Emilia is worse at certain things and perhaps better at others but really, who cares? I certainly didn't feel prouder when people were amazed at the fact that she could hold her head strong when she was as little as three months, and I certainly don't love her less if she fails to grab things or sit down unaided. In this, I am just a different kind of mum, I suppose.

One thing, however, that does make me proud is that Emilia seems to be more attracted to books than toys. I grew up with the concept that two things are worth spending money on in life: books and travels which I consider the real-time education! Only traveling you get to experience and understand the world. And that's how you learn history, geography, art, just to mention a few....
In her short life Emilia has already been traveling a little bit. She had her first short flight to Italy when she was three months old and she is going to experience the joy (!?) of a long flight to the US in just a few days. I am also thinking to bring her with me on a work trip to Barcelona in May...let's see if this materialises (am I asking too much to a little baby?). And she will travel and explore the world as much as possible, I will certainly encourage her to do so, with us first, and then on her own. 

As for books, she has one in particular she loves. It's one of those fluffy books with lots of creatures, bright colours and different textures. Simple stuff for babies, basically. However, when my mum was here, we moved to a complete different dimension. My mum bought four educational books that I find very useful. Perhaps it is asking too much (again!) to a five month old baby but she certainly seems interested and follows our instructions and hands while we explain and show how to button, zip, tie and snap! 

These books will come handy in a year or so!

Given the popularity of books with Emilia I am always on the hunt for something cool and new for her. I recently spotted the new Orla Kiely books for children and, you know me, I love everything Orla Kiely related and had to have one. There are four books in the series: Numbers, Creatures, Shapes and Colours. I bought the Numbers one but I predict all the others will be in the house soon! Of course, the book is great. I love the colours, the patterns and Emilia really enjoys it too. Who doesn't love Orla?!


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