Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Asciuttis Cinema

I'll finish the series of posts devoted to our trip to Italy with some funny pictures. 

This year for Christmas my dad bought a new tv. It's a very nice and quite big tv for Italian standards. Among several features, it also has the option to watch movies in 3D, and on December 26th the Asciuttis ended the Christmas festivities gathering all together to watch *The Avengers*, not really a holiday movie but certainly full of special effects! I can't say we all loved the movie but we definitely enjoyed wearing the 3D glasses. My grandmum fell asleep five minutes after the movie started, my mum lost interest ten minutes later and I gave up after fifteen minutes; dad and aunt Marilena were a bit stronger and kept watching it while chatting. The only two who got really attracted by the movie were Rob (who had already watched the movie at the cinema when it came out!) and Bea. In the end, it was a fun way to close the festivities and now I love looking at these funny pictures of us all together. 

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