Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Living the life

While in Italy, Rob and I got to enjoy some time together with each other and with our friends, without Emilia. As you know we don't have family in London, which means no help whatsoever with Emilia. As much as we love her, it can be tough on us sometimes and we really appreciated all the support and help we had in Pescara. We enjoyed shopping, strolling, eating out, going to friends' houses, and we even attended a wedding.

Before the arrival of Emilia, Rob and I used to receive an invitation for a cocktail party by our good friends Mario and MariaPaola every time we were in Pescara (for the people who were at the welcome aperitivo at my parents' the night before the wedding, Mario is the guy who made the delicious mangoritas!). And this time was no different. So, we happily left Emilia with my parents, who of course were thrilled to spend the whole evening with the baby, and headed to our friends' for some fun. As usual, the cocktails and the food were simply amazing and we had a great time. In Rob's honour MariaPaola bought napkins with the American flag and Mario made jelly cocktails to begin the night with. They were awesome.

Another highlight of the trip was Alessandra and Nicola's wedding. My very first winter wedding. And I must say, despite the freezing cold, it was quite magical. It even snowed that night! 
For the first time in months Rob and I got to dress up and I loved it. I still have a little bit of baby weight left but I cannot complain. I was still able to find a dress for the occasion :)

The bride was beautiful. She wore a Jenny Packham dress with a gorgeous hooded cape that made her look like a white version of red riding hood.

The church was super cute and the reception was held at an archaeological museum. Of course, I loved it. And don't you just love the flower arrangements? So simple, so beautiful, and so Christmassy.
It was wonderful to spend some time with my girlfriends. I miss them all so much when I am in London. I have known these girls since we were three years old. Thirty years of our lives have gone by and our friendship is still pretty solid. That's impressive.

I love living in London, I think it's a very exciting city. But of course, I miss being close to my friends and family. Being in Pescara for so long made me realise how much I really miss everyone. I had an amazing time in Pescara and am glad I got to stay for three weeks. The best thing about the trip was how relaxed we all were. I don't mind saying that life has become a bit hectic since Emilia entered our world and Rob and I do get stressed sometimes dealing with a baby in London. In Pescara it was all different. We received so much love and attention from everybody. For the whole time there I lived with zero tension. It was great to be able to rest, sleep more, and enjoy the company of very good friends. The wonderful thing about being with people who love you is that nobody judges you if you don't feel to get up in the middle of the night, nobody criticises you if you complain about how tired you are. They are simply there to help. They genuinely love you and want to be helpful. Isn't that wonderful? I feel blessed to have so many nice people in my life.
Mum, dad, nonna, aunts, uncles, neighbours, friends: thank you ever so much!

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