Wednesday, 2 January 2013

4 months

Emilia is four months old today! And she is getting bigger and bigger...and heavier and heavier! 

Unfortunately, we had to celebrate the occasion with another round of immunisations - three needles went into her chubby legs today. Thankfully, these are the last ones until Emi turns one year old. We have got a nice break for a while, at least.
The day started in a very good way for Emilia: she ate, napped, played, smiled, and was generally in a very good mood. Then, right after lunch, we headed to the baby clinic and she stayed calm for the first part. She was weighted (she is now 7.03kg - a big baby, according to the health visitor!) and checked by Bernie who found her in great shape and even suggested we start with solids soon given how big she is! Then, things got bad. Emilia was called in by Louise, a very nice nurse who has the unfortunate job to deal with the immunisations. Louise is very sweet and Emilia likes her very much...until she gets hurt! When the first needle went in, Emilia kept smiling and playing with Louise, we were all impressed. But when the second needle, and then the third one, went in, she just cried. Oh, big tears came out of her eyes. Both Rob and I melted. But we understand that this is for her own good, so we toughened up, dressed baby up, and headed back home for a good feed, cuddles and some rest. Emilia is now peacefully sleeping, let's hope she stays like this for a while. 

Happy month-birthday sweetheart!

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  1. 4 mesi di tenerezza, risate , coccole e tante tantissime pieghe...full of love!
    Buon complemese Emi :-)