Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Movie Night

I hope I am not speaking too soon but the Routine seems to be working! Apart from Saturday that, as you know, was a VERY bad day, Emilia has been napping regularly both in the morning and the afternoon for a couple of hours and the very good news is that she is falling asleep at a good time at night allowing us to have dinner in peace and perhaps watch some tv and have an adult conversation. Last night we were even able to have what we call a movie night! Finally, after trying so many times, last night we were able to watch a movie without interruptions. Since Emilia was born Rob and I have tried to watch movies at night but with little success. Until yesterday we had only been able to watch two movies, although without really enjoying them as we had to pause them so many times to give Emilia all the attention she needed. So what would have been a two hour movie lasted in fact four. Yesterday, however, Emilia went down at 9.00pm and we looked for movie options straight away. I was craving a good movie. We checked what was available on Sky and both agreed that it had to be an easy movie to follow, nothing too artsy, our tired brains needed pure entertainment! We chose Crazy,Stupid,Love and I am so glad we did. With its mixture of comedy and drama, happiness and sadness, and a funny Shakespearean,  *The Comedy of Errors style* ending, we were hooked since minute one. If you haven't seen it, I'd definitely recommend it. I loved the cast, especially Julianne Moore (I am a huge fan of hers - have you seen A Single Man? She does a great job in it), the wittiness, and all the different love stories. It's a simple but sophisticated movie.
And apart from the movie success, we were both very happy to have finally been able to enjoy two hours of relaxation on the couch. Oh the little things that you give for granted before a baby enters your life and changes it completely...

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