Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Friendship is...

This week Emilia has had not one but two play-dates, one on Monday with baby Juliette and the other on Tuesday with baby Elias. Play-dates are always a question mark, you never know how they go, it all depends on the babes! Sometimes they are pure nightmares, other times they turn out to be the best moments of the day. It also depends a lot on where the play-date occurs; by far, it is much easier to enjoy a play-date at home or at someone's house, and possibly in the neighbourhood. Traveling in London by tube or bus is not always easy with a baby. When I am out with Emilia I am always a bit on edge: what if she cries? I don't want to bother people. Well, I have learned that babies do cry in public and there is nothing you can do but keep your patience and try to comfort the baby. Going out with Emilia can be a bit of a struggle sometimes, especially in a city like London, however, I still try to be brave and do as much as I can to get out of the flat with her. 

On Monday we ventured to the city to meet with baby Juliette and her mama Steph to do some shopping, or so we hoped. I had never been to Mansion House tube station before and let me say it's the least baby friendly tube station I have ever been to. First of all, it's a maze with too many exits, second of all there are hundreds of stairs and when you think you are done, sure enough there are more steps to trouble you. Of course, I was with my Bugaboo so you can imagine the fun! I did try to lift it on my own but it was impossible with Emilia in it and the changing bag on top of the pram's weight. Thankfully people, mostly business men, helped; however, poor Steph had to help me out with a couple of stairs while carrying her own baby in the Baby Bjorn. So, the trip was a bit of a stress and then of course by the time I got there Emilia woke up and was starving. And when she is hungry she is hungry. I mean, zero patience! Steph and I had to find a cafe' and I quickly fed Emilia before she moved mountains. I don't mind saying that it was a bit hectic, but thankfully I was with Steph who knows exactly what I am talking about. Next time, we'll definitely meet at my place or hers, I only wish we lived a bit closer. 
The play-date on Tuesday, on the other hand, was a big success, just what I needed to feel a bit better and more confident. We met with baby Elias and mama Katharina just around the corner, at the Design Museum. Elias was sleeping when we met (I was so jealous!); Emilia, on the other hand was about to fall asleep. So we strolled a bit waiting for her to peacefully fall asleep. Once both babies were asleep we went to the Design Museum cafe' and we couldn't believe we were able to enjoy lunch and chat for two hours without interruptions. Phew! I suppose it wasn't a real play-date but it was a good time out with a friend. 
Play-dates can be hard but both Emilia and I need to get out and spend some time with our friends. 

And speaking of friends, Emilia has fallen in love with her bunny-angel, thanks Annalisa and Jacques! Aren't they cute?

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