Sunday, 11 November 2012

Emilia, Also Known As...

When Rob and I were searching for a name for Baby O we were also thinking how that name would have been shortened or nicknamed. We were aware of the fact that no matter how short a name is, there was always going to be a shorter version. In fact, many names didn't make the cut simply because we didn't like their short version. With Emilia, instead, we have several good options. So far we have been calling her Emi, Milly, and Mimi', all nice and sweet nicknames, I think. 
Rob, however, loves calling her *Monkey*.

UPDATE: Today has been a great day. Emilia woke up around 8.30 and then napped for two hours and a half! The weather was glorious in London so in the afternoon we all strolled to the other side of the river and did food shopping at Waitrose in the ever so beautiful St. Katharine's docks. Emilia loves being pushed and looking around, so she enjoyed the walk with us. It was our first time shopping with her and it wasn't bad at all. On the way back she fell asleep and then napped at home for another hour. At 7pm, following our health visitor's suggestion, we bathed her and then fed her...and she fell asleep again. It has now been almost two hours since she fell asleep. I was able to cook (tonight fresh squid and peas as appetiser, and cod and tomatoes in the pan as main course), Rob and I enjoyed a lovely dinner together, and we are now watching tv and browsing the Internet. Yesterday, bad day. Today, good day! I am a happy person. Let's hope tomorrow will be a good day too, we have shopping and play date on the agenda!

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