Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A new concept of TIME

One of the first lessons Rob and I had to learn now that we have a newborn is that time has a complete new dimension and everything turns around Emilia's needs.

Emilia usually has three night/early morning feeds: one between 00.30 and 2.00am, the second at about 4.00-6.00am and the third one around 8.00-9.00am. Rob usually takes care of the first feed and I deal with the other two. Rob and I then have breakfast right after her third feed, so around 9.00am, at least now that Rob is on paternity leave; of course, things will have to change from next week when Rob is going back to the office. After breakfast we are on a roll: we change, clean and dress up Emilia and then we try to take care of ourselves. We also have to clean the kitchen from breakfast and I have to express milk. By the time we have done all these things, it's lunch time. And we start again: cooking for us, feeding Emilia and then changing and cleaning her. This is our schedule if we are at home. If we want to go out or we have people visiting us, it becomes even more hectic and complicated.

Today, for example, was one of those super busy days. We started the day as usual with the feeds, the cleaning, the cleaning and all that stuff. We also expected the cleaner at 1.00pm and then we planned to go out to run some errands, which meant we had to be all dressed and ready to go by 1.00. We took care of Emilia first and the Rob got ready. At 12.15pm we had lunch and then I very quickly showered and got ready. When Maria arrived, we were ready to go, well almost. We did forget to put a couple of things in the changing bag, but nothing too important! So we managed to go out. We ran our errands and then we even stopped at daddy's office and showed Emilia off. Though, she was sleeping the whole time; she really likes strolling, it puts her to sleep. She even skipped the 2.30pm feed!

We got back home around 4.00pm, and then the whole routine started again: feeding, burping, changing, cleaning, a bit of bouncer, and loads of cuddles! 

Time really flies when you have a baby to look after...

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