Sunday, 23 September 2012

Three weeks old

Another week has gone by. 

This past week has been quite hectic. I had to go back to hospital for a check. Without going into details, on Monday night I started bleeding quite heavily and when I called the hospital to describe what was going on they asked me call in as soon as possible. So I quickly expressed some milk, got ready, called a taxi and left home. Rob was supposed to go to Zurich for three days, leaving on Tuesday evening. While I am very sorry he had to miss his work trip because of me, I am incredibly happy he was still at home when it all happened; I don't know how I could have dealt with my issues and a two week old baby at the same time. Thankfully, I was in hospital for just one day and after a lot of checks they couldn't find anything wrong with me; basically, I just had to clear my system and expel all the blood clots that were trapped in there since giving birth. We had a couple of tough days but we managed. Rob was great and helped out as much as he could. 

Once I started feeling a bit better, we tried to get our life back. On Friday evening we ordered sushi for dinner. After nine months, I was so thrilled to finally have a sushi feast! To be honest, this wasn't the first time I had sushi after the pregnancy. When Ilaria and Cristian were in town, we ordered some sushi from this place in Borough Market that delivers in the area, Feng Sushi. We loved it so much, we decided to make another order this week! And we had a guest for dinner, one of Rob's colleagues who wanted to meet Emilia. It was very nice to have company. Saturday was a glorious day of sunshine so we decided to take a stroll in the area. If it wasn't for a bit of lower backache, I really enjoyed being out with my family. But then, when we got home, Emilia started suffering from bad colic. It was painful to see her struggling. Needless to say, she screamed and cried a lot and we didn't sleep at all last night. So, this morning Rob went out and bought some Infacol which seems to be helping a lot. We all napped from 4.00 to 7.00pm and Emilia seems to be doing much better now. She even allowed us to watch a movie (we picked *I don't know how she does it* - sweet movie).

She is now peacefully sleeping and looks so cute I had to take a picture. Look at all those creases and rolls...just how mummy loves it! 

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  1. Quant'e' bona...mando un morso virtuale per ogni piega!