Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Space Invasion

Apart from dealing with a new concept of time, we also have to live with a new concept of space. 

Rob and I are renting a two-bedroom, 93 square metres flat in central London. The flat is not too small for London standards but it's definitely not too big either. Before the arrival of baby O we had just enough space for the two of us and all our stuff; then when we started buying things for the baby, we had to rearrange everything. It's unbelievable how much space a tiny little human being needs.

Of course, the big gear takes up a lot of the space: the crib, the changing table, the pram, the bouncer...but it's the little things that are really making a big difference. 
The en-suite bathroom is now full of wipes, nappies, cotton balls, and baby toiletries. There is a whole corner dedicated to Emilia's stuff now in the bathroom.

She also has her own little laundry basket. My mum told me that her clothes should not be mixed and washed with ours, so she bought a sweet, bright pink laundry basket for the little dirty clothes, which we wash every two days with a baby cycle (we still care about the environment!) and Napisan.

And the bathroom is not the only place invaded by Emilia's stuff. The master bedroom is full of clothes and toys and the main room displays all the cards she has received so far. 

The kitchen is no better. There are milk bottles, pacifiers, formula bottles, breast pump, and steriliser everywhere on the counter. I am a rather organised person, so we still manage to keep things tidy but it's definitely more challenging now!

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