Wednesday, 8 August 2012

London 2012: Volleyball

Yesterday, Rob and I headed to Earl's Court for the Women's Volleyball Quarter Finals. But first, we stopped by our friend Steph, who leaves just few minutes away from the Exhibition Centre, and spent some good time with her and baby Juliette. Both Rob and I held Juliette and even got to see a diaper-change in action. Rob is freaking out at the idea of changing diapers and really appreciated seeing it first hand. He feels more confident now. We will see, as he will most probably be the first one to change baby O at the hospital. I loved chatting with Steph, it's so nice to have a friend who is experiencing motherhood for the first time like you, and it was very nice to see Juliette who is growing so fast, she is just adorable!

After an hour with the girls, it was time for us to head to the Exhibition Centre. Outside it was packed but thankfully my 9th month bump got on the way and everyone was super nice and attentive. We were allowed to take lifts instead of stairs and they were all so sweet telling me that if anything happened that night, there were loads of doctors on site. I felt ok and protected. I must confess, I did have some shocks (I don't think they were real contractions) during the games but nothing to worry about. Two people voted for the 7th of August on the Baby O's birthday poll and I was ready to make those two people the winners last night...but, I am afraid it didn't happen. The next guess in the poll is August 10th. Wouldn't it be nice if Baby O was born on San Lorenzo's Day? Instead of admiring the falling stars I may be staring at the ceiling asking for help from above!

Back to yesterday evening: we watched two games: America vs Dominic Republic and Italia vs Korea. The Americans won easily, 3-0, while the Italians made me suffer quite a bit and lost in the end, 1-3. Despite the loss, we had a great time. I really enjoyed the games, the atmosphere, and all the attention me and Baby O got. Also, the sausage baguette we ate was delicious too! 

America vs Dominic Republic
The Italians entering the field. Nice memories of me playing...not at the Olympics, though!
Italia vs Korea
So, our Olympic experience ended yesterday and we loved it. I am sure we would have gone to more events if I wasn't so heavily pregnant but I am still quite satisfied with myself. I didn't think I was going to be able to make it, but I did and it will be nice to tell Baby O that somehow she was at the London 2012 Olympics. I am happy with the way I have been throughout this pregnancy, no major freaks out and no silly panic so far; I am sure the British motto *Keep Calm and Carry On* has played a big role here! Hopefully, I will stay strong throughout the final leg of this journey! Fingers crossed!

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