Tuesday, 7 August 2012

In Position!

Hi folks, I had two doctor's appointments in the last couple of days, so I thought to give you an update on the status of Baby O and mama.

I saw my GP yesterday. He called me last week to schedule an appointment. Apparently, he had received my blood results from the lab and wanted to see me. I knew exactly what the matter was: iron! My iron level had dropped in the last few weeks; so far I had been able to avoid iron tablets (which I hate!) but not this time. As soon as I entered his room he said: *There is no iron left in the tank!*. And we both smiled. Nothing to worry, really, as this is rather normal at this stage of pregnancy. But I have to admit, I have been feeling quite exhausted lately. So, he prescribed me two/three tablets per day and I started yesterday evening. We will see if I will get a burst of energy! 

This morning, instead, I saw the midwife. I really like her, she never makes me feel rushed and is a very lovely person. She first checked on me and then the baby. We are both doing well. And the big news is that Baby O is in position! She has been cephalic for quite some time but now her head is very very low. This doesn't necessarily mean that she is ready to go, of course, but it's a good sign. The usual checks were all ok and it was nice, once again, to listen to baby's heart, strong and loud as usual.

I managed to write my birth plan last week and showed it to the midwife this morning. She said it was perfect: just one clear page. She told me that sometimes mums get so descriptive and write four/five-page birth plans and it all becomes a bit complicated when the moment comes. I am not a big writer, I always use headings and try to be as concise as possible. My birth plan mirrors my habits. We will see if we will indeed follow it on the big day! Lots of things can happen and change.

And, on a different note...I did weigh myself...and.......it looks like I have put on almost 12 kilos!!!!! Hopefully, this is mostly baby and placenta weight! I must look pretty big though as on my way back home from the surgery I was stopped by a guy who said: *No long to go! Good luck!* I thought it was sweet though and I do really hope we are getting very close to the big moment!

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