Sunday, 5 August 2012

London 2012: Beach Volleyball

Yesterday Rob, the bump, and I went to the Horse Guards Parade to enjoy some beach volleyball. We tried to get tickets over a year ago back in the first wave of tickets sale but we failed. Back then, we applied for many tickets but we only got two for the Women's Volleyball Quarterfinals. Nonetheless, we felt quite lucky. When I was younger (and fit!) I played volleyball and beach volleyball, so for me these were the two disciplines to watch. 

A few days ago we found out that every evening new tickets are released. We have tried a couple of times but without success until we finally got two tickets for beach volleyball. If I wasn't in my ninth month of pregnancy I would try to get tickets for every single event, I am really loving the Olympics this year! I suppose it's different when your hometown is hosting them! But I am every day slower and slower and more out of breath, so more than often it is sensible to just stay at home.

I don't mind telling you, it was a bit of a struggle for me to get there yesterday, despite the fact that we booked a car; however, as soon as we entered the stadium and we sat down I started feeling better and I truly enjoyed the games and the entertainment. 

The location is simply stunning, right next to St. James's park, Downing street and with the London Eye in the background. The park was packed. We strolled a bit and admired the statues and the sand sculptures before entering the actual stadium. 

The atmosphere in the stadium was glorious. All the flags were on display, good music was being played and the crowd was really into it, singing, dancing and playing with the waves! 

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see either Italy or the USA; the first match we saw was the men's where Germany literally destroyed Latvia. The second game, the women's, was a bit more entertaining, with Check Republic sending Brazil home.

Overall, we had a blast. I am glad we went, I had fun watching the games and really enjoyed the dancing parts! Now we are off to see some good Volleyball on Tuesday. Stay tuned.

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