Sunday, 12 August 2012

Inside Baby O's wardrobe

Baby O's wardrobe keeps growing and growing. Between all the gifts that she is already receiving and me not being able to resist to any temptation, I believe she already has more clothes than her mummy! 

For now, her most popular items are onesies, both short sleeves and long, one-pieces, leggings and tops. She also has loads of knitted cardigans, dresses and skirts.

Her collection of cardis
I have decided to take a picture of her every day for a year and then make a book, it will be a nice gift to give her when she turns 16, I think. All these clothes will give me inspiration for her daily outfits! 

The last purchase was made just a couple of days ago. I absolutely hate UGG boots for adults, I find them extremely unattractive, however, I have a soft spot for the baby version. So, I bought baby O her first pair of boots, size 0 (0-6 months). I chose the classic chestnut colour, aren't they adorable? They will be perfect for our shopping days out in winter!

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  1. The mini Ugg are very sweet...perfect for baby winter O!