Monday, 13 August 2012

We are ready for you!

Every day feels like it could be the day. I have started to have pain and cramps in my lower abdomen and some back ache. I suppose (and hope!) these are signs that I could be going into labour any time. I am starting to imagine, and panic a little, about how real contractions may feel, hopefully, they won't hurt too much. In any case, this is something to be done, I can't go back now!

I don't want to rush things, but Baby O, I want you to know that we are ready for you! We can't wait to see you and play with you and love you and kiss you and hug you....

{mobile from littlenestbox on etsy; bird pillow by Heart Zeena}

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  1. Vedrai che non appena vedra' le foto del guardaroba e della culla arrivera' subito...evidentemente la connessione li' sotto non e' buona e ad aprire le foto ci mette tempo!