Friday, 10 August 2012

Beauty Treatments

As the arrival of Baby O is approaching, I am trying to look after myself a little so that I will be ok for a while. If I look good, I feel good and hopefully that will help me to face the big moment! Also, everyone and everything I am reading recommend pampering myself these days, and so I did. On Monday I had a waxing, on Thursday a pedicure and today I had a hair appointment for colour and blow-dry. I usually get to dye my hair once a month because of the gray hairs, so next appointment will be on the 12th of then Baby O will be in our lives, hopefully! My parents will still be in town so they will get to spend a day with the baby while mummy takes care of herself...I am sure they will love it! 

It has been rather hot in London and my feet have been struggling a little. This morning I couldn't find a pair of shoes that fit. I was ready to go out in flip flops when I had a Cinderella moment, thankfully a pair of jelly shoes that my mum recently bought for me fit like a glove. And I got to show off my newly pedicured nails. It's all about pale colours these days, in London at least. The big nail colour of the moment is white/cream but I opted for a dark plum colour. I am not very tan and white would have been too light for my poor feet.

The hair looks nice, I think. Same colour as usual and straight for a change.

Now, it's waiting time....

By the way, it doesn't look like Baby O will be born on the 10th, unless I am going to have a very short and quick labour! It's already almost 23.00 o'clock in London...So sorry for the person who voted for the 10th. Next guess on the poll is for August 16th. We will see...

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  1. che bella che sei...una dolce futura aspetto con te l'arrivo della mia nipotina!