Thursday, 12 July 2012

Week 34: We are growing!

Yesterday I entered week 34, only six weeks to go (or hopefully less!). Time doesn't really fly when you are pregnant but it's good to see that it still goes by. And if I think of the first four months and all the nausea and sickness, in all fairness, it does seem like ages ago and I have kind of forgotten all those bad moments. People did tell me I would, but I never thought I could forget how sick and bad I felt for three-four months...well, the good news? You do forget and I suppose that's why you end up having more than one child! 

A little update on the bump and how mama and baby are doing.

As you can see from the pictures, we are growing! I have just weighted myself and it looks like I have put on almost 10 kg! Everybody told me that from month 7 we (me and the baby) would have grown and grown and grown, and I guess they were right. The bump is definitely bigger and heavier; however, I must say, I can still walk fine and my back doesn't hurt too much. My legs are chunkier and the face is a bit swollen too but otherwise I don't feel terribly big and bloated, let's hope I don't *explode* in the last month! I am still able to wear some of my normal clothes. This stripey dress, however, is a maternity number which I think, and hope, to be able to wear even when I won't have this bump anymore. I hate wasting money on maternity clothes.

I am off work at the moment as I took days off thinking to be able to go to Italy (sad face!) but I am not really doing much. I get tired quite easily and need to rest often, so I am mostly at home trying to sort a few things out. I have had a long to-do-list on my desk for quite some time and am glad to be finally able to scratch some of the things off the list. Still a way to go but it's a start. 
I do try to go out every now and then though, it's good to get some fresh air and a little bit of sun. This morning, for example, I took a nice little trip to Earl's Court and visited my friend Steph, her mum and lovely baby Juliette. I had a great time, we chatted as only girls can, went to the park for a bit and ate delicious chocolate croissants. I got to hold Juliette for a bit and for a moment I imagined to be holding my own baby girl, it will be amazing to finally have her with us!

The annoying bit of this week is that I am quite nauseous; this morning I woke up and the nausea was so strong I thought I was going to be sick straight away. But it looks like the "four-month training" I had at the beginning of the pregnancy is helping me to cope with it now. I was strong and went to the kitchen and still enjoyed a lovely cappuccino and two chocolate muffins instead. I must say I am not very hungry these days but I try to force myself a little because I know that baby O needs nutriment and I am her only source of energy at the moment. I mostly crave fruit and sweet treats, I have been devouring so many ice-creams lately!

As for my mood, apart from the little disappointment for not being in Italy at the moment, I am very happy and excited to see this little girl. We are ready for you love, whenever you are...

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