Saturday, 14 July 2012

Guess Baby O's birthday!

If Baby O is like her mama, she could be born as early as the 22nd of July (due date August 29th). Yes, that's right, I was born a month and a week before the due date. One night, while my mum was peacefully sleeping, her water broke and a few hours later baby Valentina was born. And this is why I have tried to get organised in time, you never know. Of course, she may decide that she actually likes swimming in mummy's belly and wants to stay in there for a bit longer than the due date too. Who knows, only time will tell us. One thing for sure is that they usually induce you to labour if baby doesn't have any intention to come out and is still in mum's body one week after the due date. So the potential dates post/ante quem for us are: July 22nd and September 5th.

In the meantime, we can only guess when this will happen. If you have a feeling, or a favourite date, or simply would like to play a game, please participate in the poll below. And there will be prizes for the winner(s)!

Guess Baby O's Birthday


  1. Can't wait to know the date! Elena

  2. ...indovina chi ha scelto il 4 settembre...

  3. I wonder who will win!! Xx