Monday, 18 June 2012

Wahaca and shopping

Yesterday Rob and I went to Westfield in Stratford to do some shopping. Around 11.15am we left the house with a list of things to buy and were on a mission to buy as many items on the list as possible. Yes, you guessed it right, mostly baby stuff, she is sucking all our energy and money already! 

Going to a mall is not what I would call one of our favourite pastimes, in fact, we rather hate it; however, it is convenient to shop in a place with lots of stores condensed in the same area. So, we went. Before getting wild shopping we checked The Street, the outdoor area where all the nice restaurants are, and after wandering a little we opted for Wahaca. We both fancied some good Mexican food and I had heard from friends that this was a nice place. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing, very cool, colourful and vibrant. It resembles the style of a Mexican market, where you can eat reasonably priced, fresh and tasty food.

It was our first time so everything on the menu sounded delicious. We finally opted to share black beans and cheese quesadillas and marinated chicken taquitos; we then each ordered chicken burritos. To drink, a deliciously fresh Citrus Frizz, with lime, mint and sparkling water. Everything was absolutely tasty. We definitely recommend this place and we will be back ourselves! 

Shopping with a full stomach is much easier. We weren't able to cross everything off the list but we bought some essentials, such as Avent binkis (it took us forever to choose what we thought may be the right ones...honestly, this is hard!),  nightgowns for the hospital, maternity nursing bras and a couple of big dresses for me (still not maternity, I try to avoid those!), some baby clothes and of course Sophie La Girafe, so highly recommended! Rob enjoyed some good shopping for himself too, mostly toiletries and underwear, but at least it wasn't just a day out for the girls!

We got home around 5.30pm and I was literally exhausted. I am not used to being out for so long anymore and everything tires me out. Unfortunately, I even had to take a paracetamol as I developed a bad headache. Thank God I am working from home this week!

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