Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Changing Table: Change of Plan

Remember the nice changing table that we selected for baby O? Well, we called the baby boutique in Putney and unfortunately they did not have it in stock, and given that it is made to order, it will take up to eight weeks to be delivered. That would take us to mid-August. I would have waited but Rob was getting impatient. So our search for the perfect (mostly right-size!) changing station began again. As I explained before, the real problem is the size. We are trying to fit the changing table in our en-suite bathroom since we have no extra space available in either of the two bedrooms. Worst scenario, I could move all my jewellery and perfumes from the top of the chest of drawers and make space for the changing mattress, nappies, wipes and baby products. However, I really would like to have a dedicated space just for this, and possibly have it close to the sink where I will be washing her at the beginning. 
So yesterday I found a changing table that would fit. It's not aesthetically amazing but it will serve its purpose. We called to see if it came with the nice mattress pictured in the image (blue or pink) and of course it doesn't! The shop doesn't sell it and the lady had no idea where we could find it. It's only part of the picture for their catalogue. Thanks! So, we found the right-size table, now the problem was to find the right-size mattress, since all the changing mats are of course bigger in order to fit to the standard changing unit. What a mess! 

Of course, my evening was devoted to finding the mat, while watching the England-Ukraine match.  In the end I discovered a cool, modern brand Farg&Form. I have a feeling I actually was in their shop in Stockholm when we visited a year or so ago. Anyway, Farg&Form specialises in bold and bright patterns. The signature pattern for kids' products is clouds, but they also have polka dots, stripes, sheep and frogs.

So I browsed the online shops in the UK that sell this brand to find out that they do make a nice size changing mat that would perfectly fit our changing unit. Hurray! After a little hesitation on the colour, we opted for the pink and white cloud mattress, which will be lovely on the grey table.

I then ordered three wooden, scalloped boxes in white, pink and grey to store all the baby products, nappies and wipes in the shelves below the table. We are now all set!


  1. A wire changing table should have a wide base so that a baby can't pull it over on top of himself or herself from the floor.

  2. Hi there, Love this post please could you send me links as to who sells the farg and form nursery collections