Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bugaboo? Check!

As agreed, Peter Jones delivered the Bugaboo last Wednesday. I was so excited when it arrived! However, we didn't have the chance to set it up until a couple of days ago. Rob was busy at a conference all day Wednesday and Thursday and came back home very late both evenings. Wednesday he left very early in the morning, around 6.00 am, and didn't get home until 11.00 pm. However, as soon as he entered the flat and saw the Bugaboo box in the hall he told me that he wanted to open it and assemble it. Thankfully, I was able to persuade him to wait a day or so, it was late and he was very tired. But this is to say how excited he was too! So, we only got to it on Friday evening. Thankfully, it was very easy to put together and it only took us twenty minutes or so to have it all built and ready. I absolutely love the colour we chose, in fact I am glad we didn't go with pink, this green is just special, I think. Do you like it? 
Thanks again mum!

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