Friday, 29 June 2012

Bare Belly

Some of you have been asking for pictures of my bare belly and in every single pregnancy book I read, they say it's a good thing to take at least one picture of the naked belly before giving birth - for future memories. While some people have no problem whatsoever to expose and show their bumps with pride and excitement, I actually feel a bit embarrassed and in all honesty, I don't really like all the bad things that happen to a pregnant woman's belly. I realise the bump may be cute the first three/four months but then I hate the stretching skin, the blue veins, the linea nigra, and worst of all the deformed belly button. So, it took some time and strong convincing before I felt comfortable enough to take a picture of my bare naked bump. Not even Rob is allowed to see my belly that much these days, this shows how much I love you. I took the picture myself using the vertical mirror in the closet; it's the best I can do, so please don't ask for more :)

I am in the middle of week 32, only 8 to go, and officially in month 8. Pregnancy is a quite long process, nine months are a long time for a woman to go through all this, don't you think? And every week brings something new. The first four months for me were all about exhaustion and nausea and vomit. Then it was mostly tiredness and adjustment to the new weight and shape of my body. The level of energy is definitely much lower than its usual self and with time I had to learn to accept my new limits. I need to rest every time I feel down, put my feet up and make sure my back is in a comfortable position. However, despite all this, I have come to realise that a woman is meant to do this, we are able to deal with all the things that pregnancy brings along the way. And in the end, it hasn't been too bad so far, I really cannot, and do not want to complain. 

Apart from the obvious gain weight, my body isn't really too different. I have a round belly which I don't usual have, of course, and much fuller legs. I am looking forward to having my waist and skinny legs back, I must say. With time though, I'll be patient. Feet, arms, hands, face, hair...everything looks the same-ish, otherwise. I haven't got stretch marks, at least not yet (fingers crossed!!) and I can still wear some of my normal clothes. I can walk and run a few errands. Of course I am rather slow and it takes me some time to get to the tube station, work or the grocery store, but I eventually get to my final destination. I can still sleep ok, both on my back and my side and I enjoy eating. Lately, I have been suffering a little bit from nausea again, but nothing drastic and definitely not as bad as the first months. 

Now I am looking forward to going to Pescara for a few days and spend some time at home with my family and friends. I have a few things planned already: my cousin's wedding, my first baby shower, my early birthday celebrations, so I really hope to be able to go. I have a doctor appointment on Monday and then a midwife appointment on Tuesday, where they will have to assess that I am fit to fly. Legally, you are not allowed to fly after week 36 but from week 28 you need a special letter from your doctor to show to the airline crew. Let's hope everything goes well. I am only a bit concerned about the insane heat wave that is affecting Italy at the moment. I have been quite lucky here in London since the temperatures have never gone higher than 28 degrees, with an average of 20-21 degrees. Currently in Pescara there are about 38 degrees. Worst scenario I will be lying in bed with the air conditioning on all time! And if people want to see me, they will have to come visit me.

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  1. Your belly almost looks fake - all your weight gain is right there! Too cute! Not much longer now :)