Friday, 11 May 2012

Catching Up with the Bump: Weeks 21-24

Last time you saw a picture of me and my bump was back in week 20 when I was in Italy for a lovely Easter break and threw an Afternoon Tea with my girlfriends. I apologise for not adding new pics of the bump, you have been asking for updates on a regular basis, and I am sorry it took so long to finally publish some. Rob has been traveling for work quite a lot lately, which means I haven't had a photographer in house handy. I was getting impatient myself, though, so a couple of days ago I used the wonderful online photo booth at La Photocabine to take some shots of the growing belly. The pictures are not amazing, it would be better to see me standing to have a proper look, but they give you an idea of the current state of the bump.

So, what have I been up to? To begin with, apart from being constantly tired and sleepy, I do feel much better than the first four months. I am in the middle of month six now (3 months and a half to go!) and can't complain. Life has been a bit hectic but nice. I had friends and relatives visiting and keeping me active, I did a bit of shopping and eating out as well, which I hadn't done in a while (well, I have done plenty of online shopping, but you know what I mean!). I have also started cooking again and tasting food properly; up until a few weeks ago everything tasted like iron to me. I still don't excercise much, but that's ok, I have never really been that active in this department :) I still walk to work, however, even if I try to use the tube a little bit more these days. And speaking of the tube, people do give up their seats for me these days, which is nice and much needed! 

What else? I gained more weight, almost five kilos now! I don't have cravings and the only annoying symptom I have is a bit of heartburn now and then. No swollen feet nor hands yet; the English weather is proving to be useful here! I am sure that if I was in Pescara with all the heat and humidity I would have gigantic feet and wouldn't be able to keep my engagement and wedding rings on! Thankfully no stretch marks so far. 
I still sleep kind of ok, I try to sleep on my left side as recommended but most of the times I end up being on my back, my absolutely favourite sleeping position ever. I do have a bit of back pain but that's to be expected. 

Next week is a big week for us. We have a couple of doctor appointments, a generic one with my GP just to check that everything is going well and the baby is growing ok. I must say, she moves a lot these days, sometimes she hurts me too, but it's so sweet to feel her and see my belly move! Also, we finally have our 4D scan which we are very excited about! It will be a bit freaky to see Baby O in 4D, I think, but lovely at the same time. And I can't wait to see her moving in there one more time! So check out for updates next week as there will be some good ones (I hope!).

One final thing: thanks ever so much to all of you for all the support and kind words, you are the best!

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