Tuesday, 6 March 2012

From Nothing To Something

Two weeks have gone by since we made our little secret public. Not much has been happening, really. I am still struggling with nausea, at this point I fear I may be one of the *lucky* ones who have it for the entire pregnancy. But, life goes on and thankfully I am still able to be happy and appreciate how blessed we are.

I have started to have the urgent need to show a bump, even if little. And, very slowly, I guess, we are getting there. Before you say anything, I know that my bump is still pathetic but it is growing a tiny bit a a time. And let's not forget, I am not used to this at all. My weight has been the same (=52 kg) since I was a teenager! So, my body needs its time to adjust to the new status!

Vale 14 weeks +1 day
Of course, I am still wearing my normal clothes. Dresses are a bit more comfortable these days, but otherwise there is no need to invest in maternity clothes yet. Also, I am so disappointed at designers. I cannot believe in 2012 maternity clothes still look so dull. I will stick to normal clothes for as long as I can. My concern is the two weddings I have in Italy between the end of June and mid-July; by then I will be almost seven months and I am assuming the bump will be a little bit bigger than now :) I need two cool dresses. If you see anything out there, I value any suggestion!

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