Thursday, 23 February 2012

It's Official!

So, now that the word has spread on Facebook, I guess I can say it out loud that I am pregnant! Many of you have been asking for details and updates. So, this blog will be the place where I will inform you of all the little things going on with us at the moment. So stay tuned if you want to follow our little adventure!

It all became clear in Italy on December 28th. I had an appointment with my gynecologist for the usual checks. During the internal scan I noticed an *interesting* expression on her face. Hence the question: Could you be expecting? And for the first time in my life I found myself answering with a yes. There was absolutely nothing in sight, just a little bit of movement that made my extremely scrupulous doctor question what was going on? I was sent to the lab next door to take a blood test to check the HCG, an hormone produced during pregnancy. I was in the lab for two minutes at most. Left my mobile number and went to visit a friend, who incidentally had just given birth to a wonderful baby girl. On my way back home I received the phone call, where a loud and excited doctor screamed: "Valentina, you are pregnant!" and then gave me all the details of the value of the hormone and how far they thought I was. Needless to say I was on cloud nine! And so were my parents and grandmum, as you can imagine. Rob was in the States, still peacefully sleeping. It was the best Christmas gift! 

Back to London, life went on as normal. Well, kinda. I suddenly started feeling exhausted and out of breath. All my energy had been sucked away. The first few weeks, however, went by relatively smoothly. January 9th was when everything changed drastically. I woke up and experienced the strongest nausea I have ever had in my life. Since then, every day has been the same. I am now in week 13 and do really hope things will get better at some point soon. 

The biggest thing to report at the moment is definitely the first scan. We had it last Monday and it was simply amazing. For the first time we saw Baby O (this is how we call IT for now until we find out the sex and agree on the name). 
Baby O 12 weeks + 5 days
Until now we didn't even know whether there was one baby or two or even more in my belly. Considering how sick I had been feeling, I started to think that perhaps twins were on the way. Needless to say, Rob was scared at this! I would have loved it, instead! But no, only one. Baby O was super active at the time of the scan and we struggled to get a clear picture of IT. It was so much fun to see IT moving all over the place (yes, in such a small place!), flipping and spinning. It made us laugh. However, the most touching moment of the scan was by far when we heard the heart beat, strong and loud. It was breathtaking and a little tear came out. Together with the scan we did a couple of other checks to make sure that the baby is growing well and there is no anomaly detectable at the moment. We left the hospital with a big smile on our faces. And I have to say, I loved St. Thomas' Hospital. So everything is going well so far. 
At the scan we were given a new due date, as of right now Baby O is expected to be born on August 29th but things may change, of course. And given that I was premature (I was born more than a month before the due date), there is a high chance our baby may be born a bit earlier too. 

As for me, I am still struggling with nausea and vomit. I still get very tired. And I still don't look pregnant! Rob took a picture of me on Saturday to keep it as a record. If anything, I look even skinnier and drained. But the nausea will have to stop at some point and finally I will start showing, I hope!
Vale 12 weeks + 3 days


  1. ma vale che gioia, saranno coetanei!! :)

    1. Eh si!! Peccato solo che te ne vai :( Ma faremo in modo che i bimbi si vedano di tanto in tanto!

  2. Ancora Congratulazioni a te e a Rob, siamo felicissimi per voi.
    Un bacion
    Elena & Ale