Monday, 12 March 2012

COS is the word!

After getting a bit frustrated with maternity clothes and panicking on what I will be wearing in the upcoming months, I have finally realised that I don't in fact need to look for maternity clothes, or at least I don't need to limit myself to the boring and dull maternity clothes available in shops these days.

As I am slowly starting to feel a bit better, last Saturday I ventured a shopping trip to Covent Garden with my friend Ilaria. We mostly did some window shopping but then we stumbled across COS and I decided to give it a try. With its Marni style cuts (at a much lower price!), there were quite a few things I could try on and I even ended up buying two dresses: a half-knitted half-silk navy midi dress and a knitted blue and white dress. There were many other things I could have bought but I want to wait for my bump to expand a bit more to make sure that I will indeed be able to fit in these lovely dresses.

The following items are on my wish list at the moment:
I actually tried this on and loved it. However, I tried the Medium and it was a bit too big. They didn't have a Small. But I will go back! And who knows, maybe I will need a M in a few weeks....
It looks like I may be wearing a lot of navy stuff!

And these are some of the looks I may still be able to rock, even with a bigger bump! Thank you COS!

To be continued....

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  1. ciao bellissima! check out
    pretty sweet things!
    can't wait to see the bump!
    xoxox elisa