Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What Kind Of Wellies Are You?

It's pouring down in London today and I wonder what kind of wellies you wear?

Are you a classic type? For this, look no further than Hunter.

Or a designer type? I am wearing these by Tory Burch today, for example:

Are you a cute type? Joules have some great options:

Or are you a funky type? Again Joules have some nice ones.

It's in days like these that I wonder why I am not roasting at the beach in Pescara!?!

P.S. It's currently 40 C degrees in Pescara. My mum and grandmum are coming to London tomorrow and will be staying for a couple of weeks. They will welcome some breeze, right?


  1. I love my Hunters, can't live without them!!

  2. Joules are cute n funky for sure :)