Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ball chair

I still don't know what the main style of our new flat will be. Most probably it will end up being a mixture of everything, as usual. I am looking at all sorts of furniture at the moment: french, retro, modern, Scandinavian, vintage...I am very curious to see what I will choose in the end and how I will mix all these pieces together. 

While flipping through magazines and browsing the Internet, I have discovered Bodie and Fou, "...a chic inspiring online boutique for design lovers in search of cool modern styling for the home...". I love the feel of the website and there are so many things I'd like to buy right away from it. But one thing attracted my attention in particular, the Ball chair. I am thinking to keep the colour theme of the decoration very neutral, I am a big fan of white in the house, but I'd love to put some pops of colours here and there and I love the idea of bright pink. I'll need to double check with Rob first though!

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