Wednesday, 25 May 2011

You Are Invited

As promised, here are some pictures of our wedding invites.

Since we got engaged I knew I would design our wedding invitations. And what a responsibility that is! I first looked for inspiration and then played around with a dozen of styles. I knew I wanted something simple but fun, elegant but not stuffy. I love polka dots and I should have known that I would end up using them. As for the colours, gray had to be one option since our Save the Date cards were all white and gray and I wanted to do something in line with that as I love gray in general, I think it's such an understated, classy and simply lovely colour. I even contemplated the idea of having a monochrome invite but somehow I felt that I needed a splash of colour. As I don't really have a colour theme for the wedding, I thought green would be the best choice as it naturally appears in the flower arrangements. With time, I have discovered that green will be the colour of the night anyway: My mum will be in green and as far as I understand half of the girls will be wearing green too! 

The design was then letterpress printed on a vintage Heidelberg press on a thick (425gsm) Saunders 100% cotton paper by the lovely people at Blush Publishing who did an amazing job, I think.

Final touches were the customised stamps from the Royal Mail and the beautiful calligraphy work by njw.

So, you are the judges. Do you like them? 
Have you designed your wedding invitations? Did you feel the pressure? I'd love to hear your stories.

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