Monday, 30 August 2010

London: new to me, and already a fave!

I have said it before and I will say it again: I LOVE London! At least, this time of the year, I love it! I have been living in London for almost 6 years now and I think I have gone through all sorts of feelings for this city: excitement, fear, love, hate ... but, whatever the feeling, I cannot avoid to think that it is a very cool city and what I like about it is that after six years in this town, I still keep discovering new things about it that I love, it being a new park, a coffee shop, a colourful piazza, a gelato shop, a vintage shop or whatever else!
Two things I have discovered recently that have become already two favourite spots and that I would like to recommend to all of you:
1) Monmouth Coffee, perhaps the best coffee shop in London. I have only been to the shop in Covent Garden, which lucky me, is just a couple of minutes from my office, but they also have other two shops in Borough and Bermondsey, both very very close to where I live! The shop is simply beautiful but what is more important about this place is that the coffee tastes divine. Go try it for yourself!

2) Zucca restaurant. Zucca is a modern Italian restaurant that has recently opened in Bermondsey street, one of my favourite streets in London and conveniently just a few minutes from my flat ;) The interior is very neat, simple but sophisticated. The food is super good, everything we tried was to die for, especially the homemade focaccia. It was so good that I asked if I could buy it to take home! Unfortunately, they don't sell it at the moment, maybe in the near future...I will keep asking ;)

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