Sunday, 29 August 2010

Trullallero Trullalla' ...

Every time I go to Italy, I realise how much I actually miss it ...
Rob and I have recently gone to my hometown for a couple of weeks and had a great time. While there we took a short trip with the family down to Puglia and I must confess I totally loved it there! By far the town I enjoyed the most was *Alberobello*, a fairy-tale little village were all the houses are old trulli, traditional Apulian stone dwellings with a conical roof. The place is enchanted! We rented a massoneria made of 11 trulli, *Il trullo dei ricordi*. It was simply magical to sleep inside a real trullo, I would totally recommend it to everybody. The whole area, La Valle d'Itria, is quite marvellous. Places to visit: Locorotondo, Cisternino (very good for dinner too, this little town is famous for its delicious meat!), Martina Franca and definitely Ostuni, *The white city*. On the way back we drove through the Northren coast of Puglia, known as Gargano.

The coastline is breathtaking and the sea super blue. To visit here: Monte Sant'Angelo and Vieste are a must! Let me know if you plan to go there, I would love to offer extra tips :)

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