Sunday, 12 April 2015

Barnes: Wetland Centre and The Boat Race

Yesterday we ventured all the way to Barnes, a lovely village in South-West London. Rob and I had been there before but this time we took Emilia with us and planned a full day of activities there. 
We took the train from Waterloo late in the morning and once in Barnes we walked straight to the London Wetland Centre, a green oasis for wildlife and people just a few minutes away from central London. The weather was nice, only a bit chilly, and we strolled around the park for hours! Emilia was in heaven and walked the whole time. To make things even more interesting, there was an Easter Duck Hunt going on and we had fun looking for the giant rubber ducks hidden in the park. 

Once we exhausted ourselves walking around the wetland centre, we took a stroll around Barnes village, one of the cutest villages in London. If we were not moving to the US, Rob and I would seriously consider looking for a place to settle here! Our friends Natalie and Dave live in Barnes, so we went to their place for some snacks before all heading down to the river to see the boat race, the historic, annual rowing race between Oxford University and Cambridge University. It was such a beautiful day and not surprisingly lots of people turned up to cheer for the guys. It was our first time seeing the race live and we absolutely loved it! It's one of those purely British traditions that I am glad we got to experience. Emilia was cheering for Oxford and guess what?! They won! 

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